Whiskey Tasting FAQ

Commonly asked questions

Blind tastings of four 750mL bottles can range from 1.5-2 hours or more. Our Stewards will typically spend 15-20 minutes on each bottle, depending on the group’s level of discussion and questions.

More than 10 guests would require additional bottles, 750mL is roughly 25 fluid oz. Each guest will receive a 1oz pour of each leaving a few drams in each bottle to enjoy after. Plus, this keeps it more intimate for thought provoking conversations amongst your guests.

This is a blind tasting, so it will be the Bourbon Stewards choice. We are open to requests of types of spirits ie: Whiskey – Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Rye Whiskey, 2 Bourbon & 2 Ryes, Across State Lines, Single Barrel ; Rum – Light or Dark; Tequila – Blanco, Anejo, Reposado, or all three. 

We want to make sure we have everything ready to make this an event your guests will speak of for years to come. If a Banquet Tasting License is required it will take 7-10 days for VA ABC to process the request. 


Private parties held at a residence do not require a liquor license. Any event held at a location accessible to the public requires a “Banquet Tasting License” which can be obtained on the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control website. www.abc.virginia.gov/licenses/val/definitions/banquet-tasting 

No, all participants must show proof of age upon request. It is to the Stewards discretion to deny alcohol service to any participants suspected of being under the age of 21. 


The decanters and Glencairn glassware can be made available for purchase at the end of the event. Pre-orders appreciated if you’d like to gift either or both to the guest of honor or all guests. 

Yes, our Event Coordinator will do their best to schedule any impromptu or short notice events. We request two weeks to be fully prepared to make this a memorable event. We can add your request to the waitlist if we are currently booked and receive a cancellation. 


The initial booking reservation of $250 is non-refundable. You may cancel anytime up to 5 days prior to the scheduled event. Full booking fee will be charged 4 days prior to the event and is non-refundable. Contact your Event Coordinator if there is a need to postpone to a later date within 60 days of the originally scheduled event.